Facial detection attendance system(Wizcroft.io)

Have you ever thought that face detection could be used to mark your attendance ?


After the pandemic, the world has shifted to the online mode. From students to corporates, from a child to an elderly person. Everyone has started doing everything online. Dancing with friends, attending classes, attending project meetings, and whatnot, the list goes on and on.

But there are some loopholes in the current system. Schools and colleges are not able to keep a proper track of attendance, employers are unaware of their employees attending project meetings or not. This online mode has made it difficult for the management to keep a record of attendance and also there is a lack of growth.


In the world today, technology has the solution for everything….

Wizcroft.io is an automatic attendance management system made to make it easy for management to keep a track of the attendance of the attendees.

It is software that is made for the managers or teachers to identify if their students or employees are working. Due to the pandemic, the concept of work from home and study from home got very famous. All academic classes, professional meetings, project works, and whatnot have shifted from offline to online making things a little difficult. Students and working professionals stay online in classes but are not attentive and doing their own thing. To reduce this and make it easier for the manager or teachers to understand who is working and who isn’t. This makes the students and employees more attentive and this increases productivity.

How it works

Let’s take an example of a student:

There is a C++ class and sir is waiting for us in the lobby. All the students enter the class and then sir tells them to mark their attendance. Students press the button and the webcam of their laptop opens and detects the face of the student.

If the student is present the camera will mark the student present and if the student is not there then it will mark absent.

Teachers will also have access to press the take attendance button at any time of the class using the admin panel.

A very simple ideology but this can make things easier for teachers.

In the same way, it can be used for project meetings, webinars, etc.


You all must be wondering how privacy will be taken care of. Well, the camera doesn’t have access to record what the student is doing. The only thing the camera does is check if the student is there and if the student is there they are marked present. The camera opens for a 10-sec window and the process takes place.

Softwares used

My team used python as the main language.

Libraries used:

  2. OpenCV
  3. CV2
  4. Time

And for database we are using firebase.




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